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About Caftan Mantes La Jolie


Made by passion

  as a moroccan ,born and raised in morocco, the moroccan culture including customs such as kaftan in first place and jewelery has deeply marked my life from childhood to the current moment .Consequently ,i got the idea of my small business named ‘caftan-mantes-la-jolie ‘ in order to share my passion and my ideas  with the culture lovers all over the world .

   caftan mantes-la-jolie is a business located in mantes-la-jolie  where we choose the best kaftans in the moroccan market ,we have to say that all our items  are fashionable ,of good quality and reasonably priced .

    to keep you updated , you’re invited to visit our page instagram ,snapchat ,pinterest and facebook ,all you have to do is to click on the links below :

caftan mantes la jolie (Snapchat)

caftan mantes la jolie (Facebook)

caftan mantes la jolie (Pinterest)

   About shipping , we’re glad to inform you dear customers that we deliver our items to the following areas : France in first place, Europe , USA ,Canada and golf countries .


We accept all payment modes :

  •   Money transfer

  •   Cash on delivery

  •   Payonner

  •   Paypal



  For more details, advertisement and business contact us :


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